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Population genetic study of bluegill populations in Korea.

Yeungnam University Start-Up Funding (2009. 5. – 2010. 4.)

Principal Investigator.

 Lepomis macrochirus ⓒ Hyung-Bae Jeon
bluegil Lepomis macrochirus


Genetics and ecological stability of several freshwater fishes in Korea.

Yeungnam University Facility Setting-Up Funding (2009. 9. – 2010. 8.).

Principal Investigator.


Phylogenetic study of Gobioidei species found in Korea.

National Institute of Biological Resources (2011. 4. – 2012. 1.).

Principal Investigator.

 Rhinogobius brunneus ⓒ Hyung-Bae Jeon
common freshwater goby Rhinogobius brunneus


Genetic diversity of officially-designated endangered species in Korea.

National Institute of Biological Resources (2011 – 2016)

Cooperative Research.

Pungitius sinensis ⓒ Hyung-Bae Jeon
amur stickleback Pungitius sinensis

Rhodeus pseudosericeus ⓒ Hyung-Bae Jeon
hangang bitterling Rhodeus pseudosericeus

Squalidus multimaculatus ⓒ Hyung-Bae Jeon

spotted-babel gudgeon Squalidus multimaculatus

Kichulchoia multifasciata ⓒ Hyung-Bae Jeon

Kichulchoia multifasciata


Genomic approach on the dispersal and metapopulation dynamics of freshwater fish.

National Research Foundation of Korea (2011. 5. – 2014. 4)

Principal Investigator.

Nipponocypris temminckii ⓒ Hyung-Bae Jeon
dark chub, Nipponocypris temminckii


Development of environmental DNA methods for invasive and endangered species of Korea.

National Research Foundation of Korea (2016. – 2018)

Principal Investigator.


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